Wednesday, August 17, 2011


O.k. O.k. So, it's a fake terrarium.  I am totally loving it, though!

Story behind this wonderful terrarium...
It all started thanks to my wonderful husband who understands me so well.  We were thrifting (as seems to be the thing to do on my days off.)  When, I spotted this cute glass mushroom.  
Instinctively I grab it then thought, "What can I possibly do with it? The bottom is uneven and it wont even stand." I started to put it back.  Charlie instantly stops me, "What are you doing?  Get the mushroom I know you will think of something to make with this.
Needless to say it came home with us and that night I thought of making this sweet fake terrarium.  Bought some supplies at my job and got down to business.  Two days later and VOILA!  
I am even thinking of making a small one from the leftover supplies. 

A view from the top.

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  1. This is beautiful, i can't wait 4 mines.