Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Accidental Clay Pot and Awesome Cactus

     I give you the story of a clay pot that shouldn't be here and a cactus for the girl who tends to forget things. 

     This wonderful little pot came on a shipment at work.  Poor pot was just meant to hold up another pot.   When I heard this story I was hooked, deciding that it would come home with me. 

     Now you may wonder what I was thinking, after all I did just make a fake terrarium because plants die on me.   Well, I was thinking the same thing that someone with a terrible memory and a fabulous pot would do... ask the best husband in the world for a cactus. Hahaha!

     Low and behold I have my plant.  I decided on a succulent cactus for fear that my son would try and play with it.  I am excited... even taking time to google how to care for my specific cactus (crassula argentea).  The rules are pretty simple... Don't over water!!! Sweet I can totally do that. Even if it is on account of my forgetfulness.
O.K. bonus picture. He wanted to help and who doesn't want to see a cute kid!
Love my son!
thanks for stopping by to see our madness!

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  1. It looks great and always enjoy the pics of Cachetes