Hi! I am Alex!

I am a Domestic Engineer.  What is that you ask?
A Domestic Engineer is a:
  • Believer in all things imaginary
  • Diaper changing Champion
  • boo boo Healer
  • Teacher of good and bad
  • stain and laundry Pro
  • nightmare tackling Superhero
  • toy Wrangler
  • nap time Enthusiast
It's a hard job I do admit.  Only the brave dare become Domestic Engineers.  The Reward is Priceless!

Mia Famiglia

Husband and High School Sweetheart
This man often gives me some of my greatest ideas.  Often seen playing cod zombies, playing with our son, or cooking delicious food.  I honestly think he was a 5 star chef in his past life.
He is not one for the camera so I have to sneak pictures most including the baby.
Our Son

The best little fella in the world, hands down.  Often seen modeling my creations, light saber dueling, or eating chicken.  I can count on him when I need to smile.
Not camera shy at all!

A few extra thing about myself

love reading
think I am pretty crafty
trying to learn Italian
working on a 365 owl project
plum and sea foam green are my favorite colors
like  the # 5 because I think it sounds cool in Spanish
was vegetarian for 4 years
still love animals though no longer the above
love cheese especially the Mexican crumbly cheese that you put on sopes
butterflies give me the ebeejeebees seriously scary