Friday, October 7, 2011

Super Cute Halloween

Love this outfit!
Scarf 3.99
Shirt 6.99
Pants 2.99
Shoes 9.99
Grand total: 24.00
So excited it's October.   Love Halloween!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bat Pens

Made these pens at work.  Love working with the saturday night crew. They gave me the idea for the glitter beads and the twigs

Monday, September 19, 2011

190-196 of 365 Owls

Day 190

Second time drawing a tattoo on the hubby!!! HAHAHA!
Day 191 and 192

Day 193

Day 194

Day 195

Day 196

and a bonus my mom got me this cup! sweet!

love it!

thanks for checking out my ongoing project!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Martedì Italiana #9

It has been forever since my last Italian Tuesday! I am truely slacking.  Life is getting back on shcedule though.  Hopefully I can keep up my momentum.

Una giornarta di lavoro
A day at work

Aiutare un cliente raccogliere oggetti
Help a customer pick items

Anello fino merce alla cassa
Ring up merchandise at the register

Prodotti nuovo prezzo
Price new products

Pulire il negozio
Clean the store

hanno tonnellate di divertimento!
Have tons of fun!


183-189 of 365 Owls

Day 183

Day 184

Day 185
Added this owl to the cover of my art journal!
Day 186

Day 187

Day 188

Day 189

Cutout page from ikea magazine and painted an owl!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

176-182 of 365 Owls

Day 176
inspired by my pot
Day 177
tutorial here
Day 178
Day 179
Day 180-182

these were all on the same page

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Accidental Clay Pot and Awesome Cactus

     I give you the story of a clay pot that shouldn't be here and a cactus for the girl who tends to forget things. 

     This wonderful little pot came on a shipment at work.  Poor pot was just meant to hold up another pot.   When I heard this story I was hooked, deciding that it would come home with me. 

     Now you may wonder what I was thinking, after all I did just make a fake terrarium because plants die on me.   Well, I was thinking the same thing that someone with a terrible memory and a fabulous pot would do... ask the best husband in the world for a cactus. Hahaha!

     Low and behold I have my plant.  I decided on a succulent cactus for fear that my son would try and play with it.  I am excited... even taking time to google how to care for my specific cactus (crassula argentea).  The rules are pretty simple... Don't over water!!! Sweet I can totally do that. Even if it is on account of my forgetfulness.
O.K. bonus picture. He wanted to help and who doesn't want to see a cute kid!
Love my son!
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

169-175 of 365 Owls

Day 169

Day 170

Day 171

Day 172

Day 173

Day 174

Day 175

I am finally all caught up.  Back on track and going to be pumping out more projects and better owls.  So, expect greatness.


162-168 of 365 Owls

Day 162

Day 163

Day 164

Day 165

Day 166

Day 167

Day 168