Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Martedì Italiana #8

La Avventure Di Un Ragazzo E Il Suo Cane
The Adventures of a Boy and his Dog
nel mondo dei sogni
in dreamland
sempre sotto tensione
getting energized
di creare problemi
making trouble
lavaggio delle prove
washing off evidence
festeggia con abbracci
celebrating with hugs 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

92-98 of 365 Owls

Not as fantastic as I had hoped but I am slowly getting back to the routine.

Day 92-  This little Owl deserved more attention

Day 93-  Owl on an envelope

Day 94-  Sunburned Owl

Day 95-  Another sick Owl this time is my little guy with a cold

Day 96-  no clue what kind of Owl this is

Day 97-  Inspired by the thrifting I have recently been doing

Day 98-  Color o plenty


85-91 of 365 Owls

It has been a crazy relentless week! Moving from Hawai'i to Florida.  Catching up with family and old friends.  There is a lack of creativity in this post of Owls.  Jet Lag and wanting to hang out have made me lazy.  Most of these took literally two or three minutes tops to make.  Shame on me! This next week I will try to make up.
Day 85- Flying

Day 86- Home
Day 87- needing sleep... a jet lag baby is no joke
Day 88- met up with my best friends from high school... Mike Stef Me
Day 89- weird little owl
Day 90- journal owl
Day 91- Little Charlie and my niece Jazzy

Sorry its so late!