Monday, May 23, 2011

71-77 of 365 Owls

Most of the Owls this week are in correspondence with something that happened that day.  Enjoy!

Day 71-  Boxes are everywhere.  It's official... I can't keep ignoring it... we have started the moving process.  Makes me sad to leave Hawai'i. happy to finally live in a place that people can afford to vacation at and therefore visit us. 

Day 72-  What an adventure we had today!  Lost the keys... found them... safety check on the car... passed... second hand bookstore shopping... scored 3 books for LC and 1 for myself!

Day 73-  Being reading The Lord of the Rings and was inspired to create a written language for Owls.  In that language I decided to write the day "Wednesday."

Day 74-  Created a button magnet.  I am definitely making more of these especially since it was cheaper to buy a big pack.

Day 75-  Just a painted orange owl.

Day 76-  Our last time at  the Fun Factory in Pearlridge.  Turned in all our tickets for prizes and man did we get a ton of stuff.  Not that we needed more.

Day 77-  Quote that I liked.  Had my son help me with the painting.

Hope your week was as fun and delightful as mine was.  Now to relax and enjoy some family time with the family.  See you Tuesday!

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  1. Love them love them love them, the moving one is too cute and #72 great way to tell a story...definately will see you Tuesday =)