Monday, May 16, 2011

64-70 of 365 Owls

Forgive me for the lack of materials in the next 2-4 weeks.  We are in the process of moving back to the mainlands.  Therefore, I have packed most of my supplies and am left with my watercolors.   I will try and be as creative as possible.  Thank you for understanding!

Day 64-  I was perusing a magazine laying around the house when I came across an add for a lemon squeezer.  Owl #64 is pretty unique. 

Day 65-  Husband said to draw and owl super hero.  That is precisely what I did.  Owl #65 is Super Owl.  My second owl with wings spread. 

Day 66-  Created my own paintbox in lue of the moving process.  Also, saved about $15 by creating my own watercolor kit.  And I have double the supplies of what the kit I was looking at would have given me.  Owl #66 is a Paint keeper.

Day 67-  Nothing but straight lines all around.  Owl #67 is an Angular Beauty.  I love it.

Day 68-  Owl on a card.  Owl #68 is a blank note card.

Day 69-  Apologies for the dreary looking owl.  The hubby spent a better part of the day in the hospital.  Hence, Owl #69 is a sickly little fella.  The pink building is the hospital he was at.

Day 70-  Day spent with the family.  Calls for an owl family as Owl #70.  Meet the Brown family.

Hopefully I get pretty skilled with watercolors. I love working with them.


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  1. They are so cute, love the 1st one...brilliant idea #67 & I thought i was looking @ a googloe map when i saw the hospital one