Monday, May 2, 2011

50-56 of 365 Owls

Day 50-  This little guy will keep your place in any book.  Owl #50 is just the perfect bookmark.

Day 51-  Found a cool article in one of my parenting magazine about homemade finger paints.  That's just what me and my son did for Owl #51.

Day 52-  Crayola markers make for great temporary tattoos.  Owl #52 is my first flying owl.

Day 53-  Today Punk Projects had a Tutorial for Paper Bag Owl Puppets DIY.  Naturally I had to check it out.  You should too. It was a great project and my little guy loves this puppet.  Owl #53 is an owl puppet.

Day 54-  Today I was clueless on what owl to do.  Owl #54 is a confused owl!

Day 55-  This little guy is in my journal.  Inspired by our day at the pool.  Meet Owl #55 scuba owl.

Day 56-  I had a plain white box that I bought to store photos in.  Now if you know me you know plain is not my cup of tea.  So, of course I had to do it up a bit.  Owl #56 is keeping my photos nice and safe.

Sorry, I didn't post them yesterday! Next owls is another theme!


  1. Very Nice, I want a book marker....

  2. I love your owl puppet!! It turned out so cute!