Monday, April 18, 2011

36-42 of 365 Owls

Day 36-  Glittered felt and puffy paint.  Make for acute little pouch.  Owl #36 can hold some small little knick knacks or all my cork stamps. 

Day 37-  Hubby always provides great ideas.  He came up with the thought of Owl #37, a stamped owl.

Day 38-  I don't have a nice affinity with colored pencils.  This project is making me change my mind.  I find myself using them often in my owls.  Procuring Owl #38.

Day 39-  Here I go with the shrink paper again.  Not sure but I think owl #39 might be used as a bookplate.

Day 40-  I made this embroidered felt piece over a year ago.  However I never found somewhere to showcase it.  I had been reading about book binding lately, Voila! Owl #40 is a brand new owl journal.

Day 41-  Tons of scraps laying on my desk.  Owl #41 is scraptastic.

Day 42-  Crackle, paint, shadow box, and a list with reason why I make a great owl.  Owl #42 is one of my favorites.

Had tons of fun this week.  Next week is another themed week.  So egg-cited! haha!

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  1. very nice, love the Shadow Box...can't wait to see next weeks egg-citing theme