Monday, April 4, 2011

22-28 of 365 Owls


This week was a themed week for the Owls.  Care to take a guess at the theme?  Color Palooza!  I can't even begin to explain how excited I was for this week. 

Alright, here is the deal, each day I created one owl using one color with varying shades.  My husband helped me pick each color for the days owl.  Here they go...

Day 22-  RED is the color for Owl #22.  Complete with rhinestone eyes. 

Day 23-  She's so girly.  Got to love our GREEN gal Owl #23.

Day 24-  ORANGE you glad for Owl #24. Ha ha ha!

Day 25-  Mellow YELLOW, I think not!  Owl #25 is anything but mellow with all that sparkle.

Day 26-  Owl #26 is pretty in PINK.  Don't you just love her lace wings?

Day 27-  Why is Owl #27 so BLUE?  It spawns from me not really liking the color, forgive me.

Day 28-  PURPLE!!! I just love purple! Making Owl #28 my favorite.

I had some serious fun creating these this past week. I hope that you enjoyed looking at them!

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