Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Altered Canvas Swap!!!

So, I have entered in an Altered Canvas Swap.  The theme is Vintage Spring.  In the canvas has to be the quote, "April showers, bring May flowers."  The process was grueling and I have to admit I had serious artist block half the time.

Hand painted each and every flower.  Dyed the feathers with food coloring, all that trouble just for them to look like grass.  Painted doilies to make them look like clouds.  Used paper bag for dirt and embroidered some roots on it.  Sequins as raindrops.
But it's finished and I can't be any happier!!!  I present to you my first altered canvas.


  1. Wow, Thats really cool. Did you do all of that in one day?

  2. It's Gorgeous, the details are very creative and beautiful...she's gonna love it as I do

  3. Ha ha! I wish I had done it all in one day but I didn't it took about a week

  4. It turned out great!! I found this swap very challenging too :)