Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1-7 of 365 Owls

Day 1-  Here we go!  Decided to make something tiny for the first day.  Had this cork saved since New Years.  Not exactly sure why, but glad I did. I have carved and painted Owl #1.  Hurray!  1 Owl down 364 to go!

Day 2-  The Micrathene Whitneyi, commonly known as the Elf Owl, is without a doubt my favorite owl.  Given that I present to you my very first watercolor painting. Owl #2.
The Elf Owl usually grows no taller than 15 cm and weighs approximately 1 1/2 oz.  They live in Southwest United States and Mexico.  Nesting in woodpecker holes or natural holes in trees.

Day 3-  Owl #3 proved to be difficult.  I have always been o.k. at origami.  My folds never seemed to fit perfect, but that is fine by me.  However, folding this particular owl pattern really irked a nerve.  I mean reverse inside fold... what is that?  Several squares of paper later I decided to just stop reading the instructions and do what I feel is right. Making Owl #3 successful in the end.

Day 4-  Was going to go to the park with my son and make a wood chip owl. Sadly there was a change of plan thanks to the rain.  So, I looked for something else to do.  Ooo... do I spot canvas and embroidery floss?  Ding... bright idea.  Giving you Owl #4.

Day 5-  O.k.  I have to admit I had nothing planned.  I know artist's block on only the fifth day... how will I survive another 360 days?  Well, I am not sure but I know I can do it.  Thanks to a little encouragement from the hubby.  He brought up a good point some days I can just draw an owl... as long as I make one.  With that said here is Owl #5, fresh with smelly markers and dots!

Day 6-  Weeding out beans is not so much fun.  Playing with beans and making them into an owl shape SUPER FUN!  My husband was actually the one that gave me the idea to make the eyes, beak and feet out of mini pasta shells. The rest of the owl is made out of  kidney, pinto and small red beans.  Owl #6 is a kitchen masterpiece. Buon Appetito .

Day 7-  Made a pop-up card.  I have to admit I made the card in about 10 mins.  We spent the day out and about.  Therefore, I didn't get to my project till about 6... Aghh.. I know.  Still an owl is an owl!  Owl #7 wishes you a happy Hootinanee!


  1. Great creativity and super Hoot ideas...can't decide which is my favorite and to think there is over 300 more to come. Keep up the brilliant ideas, HOOT HOOT to you =)

  2. Hi Alex i love owls too...but trying to make one everyday??Wow that is a grand challenge you have set yourself!! love what you have made so far...keep it up Gal!xx

  3. Zeffy! Thanks! I have to admit its pretty hard and I am only in my second week! I truely don't know what i was thinking