Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos t-shirts

I made us wonderful day of the dead t-shirts. Might I say me and my son looked fabulous today. Both shirts only took 1 day each. Really getting better at Embroidering. So, if you see something you would like or want me to make something, I would really be happy to do it.


  1. Cool! Are these done by hand or machine? I can't wait to get my cricut and embroidery

  2. That is 2 cute, very nice n the colors r great...goes 2 show the lil ones can also pay their respect. You are doing fantastic work, I can picture u in the stores soon.

  3. All of my embroidery projects are done by hand. I have really gotten better at it. My shirt I actually did last minute the morning of.