Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bathroom Curtain

So, yesterday I got the bright idea to make curtains for my house. Without bothering to get measurements or anything. hahaha. Not so bright. I ended up only making one curtain for my living room. So, I find myself having to go to the fabric store for more fabric. It's such a nice print too. very Japanese, deep red, with carp swimming around.
On a good note though! I did buy enough for my bathroom curtains!!! yea! I am very proud of how that one came out! The main color cream with accents of a new fabric I found. I am in love with this fabric. Going to have to stock up


  1. These came out nice! Too bad you only made

  2. OMGdnz I have to hire you as my personal the curtain, can't wait to see the how all the rest came out.