Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Projects to come!!!

O.K. So, here is a list of up and coming projects!!! woohoo!

Altered Canvas Swap- I will be making an altered canvas and swapping with my partner Amber. The theme is Vintage Sring and we have to incorporate the quote,"April showers, bring May flowers." Deadline for this project is March 24. Due to my serious need to suprise my partner I will not be posting any pictures until she recieves it. Sorry.

Two Shadow Boxes- Making shadow boxes for my bathroom. It really could use some decoration. This will probably be finished sometime after my altered canvas because it is a home project.

Embroidered Clock- Bought the components to make a clock. I could really use one in my little workstation I have. So, why not make one out of my favorite craft.. Embroidery.

I have a full plate in front of me. Hopefully the right inspiration comes my way.

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