Monday, January 17, 2011

Recent Projects!!!

OK... so here is what I have done lately. Sad to say it's not as much as I had hoped. Hoping to get back in the groove of things soon.
I re-upholstered this chair me and my husband bought at the thrift store ages ago. It had this terrible blue fabric with plastic covering it. Probably should have taken a before picture so that you could see the hideousness of it. However, I regret to say that I did not. Anyways it literally took five minutes to Re-upholster the chair with AWESOME GLITTERY PURPLE FABRIC.
Just this morning... thanks to my sewing machine being out of commission ... I hand sewed a pencil case. I also embroidered lovely little mushrooms and sequins. The mushrooms were done using a new floss blending technique I learned about over the weekend!!! The sequins are just attached by a simple french knot. I would like to believe they are little fireflies!!!
I am very pleased with the end result of both my projects.

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  1. OMGdnz you are doing beautiful work, luv the combination on the cutie lil pencil case n the chair wow it's looks so alive n elegant like it belongs in a castle...beautiful work!!!